Michelii is the artist name of the music producer and electronica artist Line Cecilie Michelet from Oslo. Her focus is on song writing and on the productions side, using a selection of guest vocalists.

In 2010 she released her first EP “L”, which was two years later followed by “Laisse Tomber”. Songs from both releases were used in the MTV-series “Dexpedition”. In 2014 she released the single “Refraction”. Together with “Evidence” and “No One Else Around” the song is part of Michelii´s EP, “Interconnected”. “Evidence” was later released as a single, where she cooperated for the first time with other songwriters/producers: Anders Kjær from Whiteroom and Charlie Smith.

On the 5th of May 2017 she released her new single “Flow”, which is a collaboration with singer/slam poetry artist Evelyn R. Osazuwa. The song is written and produced by Michelii, with lyrics and vocals by Evelyn.

Because of her interest in dance (much inspired by her sister who is a dancer), Michelii chose to keep dancing in focus in her music videos. Her latest music video “No One Else Around” is directed by Tobias Frøystad (Expect Films) and choreographed by her sister Catherine Michelet and and Navid “Bboy Spaghetti” Rezvani. Together they have placed the dancers, from Oslo National Academy of the Arts” and the crews «Kingwings» and «Cre8», in a different musical setting from what they usually operate in.

Michelii started playing the piano at the age of six, which was later followed by flute and singing. Her interest for electronical music evolved while studying during the time she and her sister started DJing in clubs. It didn´t take long before she wanted to produce her own music. 

“I have always enjoyed writing music while playing the piano, but I wanted to produce electronical music because I was dreaming of creating a whole sound and combining elements from the music that inspired me”, she says. Her melodious electronica is inspired by musical idols like Breakbot, Disclosure, Daft Punk, Phoenix, Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai and Röyksopp.

Michelii majored in psychology, which is a great inspiration for her music. “My music is definitely inspired by the work I´ve done in different periods of time. However, even if I had a quite specific theme or story in mind when I wrote a song, it’s important to me that the listener can interpret the lyrics in their own way and attribute their own meaning to it. The singers I have worked with usually have a very different interpretation of the lyrics than the one I have.”